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Cub Scout Groups

Natural science programs or badge activities led by LVNC staff are available! A 1 ½ hour program will satisfy some of the requirements for a given badge or achievement.

Scout Group Reservation Information

  • Cub scout programs for Tiger Cubs, Wolf, Bear and Webelos
  • Scout programs for girls for Daisy, Brownie and Junior
  • Group programs are 1.5 hours long
  • Groups must provide a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every ten (10) children
  • Fishing programs are a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every five (5) children
  • Chaperones are free
  • Signed waiver required for each participant

Rates Information

  • $75 for first ten (10) children. $6/additional child
  • $75 fee required at time of reservation
  • Remaining balance including final headcount due two (2) weeks prior to reservation date
  • Cancellations must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to reservation date. Refunds will not be given after
  • Any questions? Contact Laura Saletta at laura@obtpd.org


Tiger Cubs

Tigers in the Wild

Learn the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids and the Cub Scout Six Essentials for a hike. Make trail mix and go on a scavenger hunt around the lake. Each scout should bring a water bottle.

Backyard Jungle

Practice binocular skills while on a nature hike looking for birds, bugs, and other living things.  


Start a Collection

View collections at the Nature Center and make a gemstone collection to take home. Play a memory game.

Call of the Wild

Learn about camping equipment and fire safety. Enjoy a campfire in our campfire circle and make s’mores.  Practice the overhand knot and square knot.

Paws on the Path: Hiking Fun

Discuss hiking safety, Leave No Trace Principles for Kids, and the Cub Scout Six Essentials for a hike. Make trail mix, and take a 1-mile hike looking for wildlife signs. Each scout should carry a water bottle or canteen.

Finding Your Way: Compass

Learn to use a compass and hike a compass course.



Learn to bait a hook, cast, and fish safely in our stocked lake. Identify some common fish species and learn about Illinois fishing laws. (April through October)

Fur, Feathers, and Ferns

Discuss wildlife conservation, extinction, and composting. Use binoculars and magnifying glasses on a 1-mile hike.

Bear Necessities: Camping skills

Put up a tent and learn about camping equipment and fire safety. Practice the two half hitches knot. Learn how to read a thermometer and barometer. Prepare a meal over the campfire and clean up afterwards. Note: the den will need to plan and purchase the meal before arrival (we’ll provide s’mores for dessert).


Poisonous Plants and Animals

Learn about poisonous plants and animals. Meet a few snakes and compare them to venomous species found in the wild.

Geocaching Adventure

Learn about the exciting hobby of Geocaching! Practice using a GPS unit, find coordinates, and go on our adventure to find a cache at the end! Bring your own trinket to trade.

Earth Rocks!

Learn how rocks are formed, study rocks and their uses, and conduct simple tests geologists use to study them. Take home some rock samples.

Into the Wild

Learn birdwatching basics and go on a nature hike. Discuss the balance of nature and the importance of aquatic ecosystems.

Into the Woods

Learn about forests and trees, and uses for wood. Identify common local trees and plants, and investigate tree rings