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A.C.A.M.P. General Information

Animal Care Assistant Mentoring Program

The Lake View Nature Center is proud to offer ACAMP - Animal Care Assistant Mentoring Program. A.C.A.M.P. is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the knowledge of local wildlife and our resident living collection by engaging the public in their care. 


Through animal care-based activities, we create a safe, inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities can learn important, transferable job skills geared toward independence and personal growth. Participants involved in A.C.A.M.P. are given task checklists, as well as verbal instructions and visual demonstrations. With these tasks, participants will encounter scenarios such as holding animals, feeding animals, and cleaning animal tanks or cages. 


Each program runs for approximately two hours, including time to handle or watch the participant’s animal of choice.


Goals for A.C.A.M.P. Participants:
•    Increased knowledge of animal needs and behaviors.
•    Ability to follow specific instruction.
•    Acquisition of good task management skills.
•    Once confidence is gained in the previous skills, participants may train and assist peers on similar tasks involving animal care.


The A.C.A.M.P. program is facilitated by park district staff that have knowledge and training working with populations with varied disabilities. Initiated in 2021, the Park District is enthusiastic about the development and evolution of the A.C.A.M.P. program at the Lake View Nature Center. If you would like to learn more about this terrific program, please contact us at natureteam@obtpd.org.