Terrace View Park Playground Renovation


Current Project Updates:

  • Construction fencing will be put up on Friday, March 1, and demolition of the existing playground will begin on Monday, March 4. The project is estimated to be completed Summer 2024. 

Project Overview: 

The Oakbrook Terrace Park District will be renovating the playground at Terrace View Park this spring. The new playground/surrounding area will include the following features:

  • Poured in place rubber surface (accessible)
  • A large play structure with umbrella shade coverage that incorporates climbing/sliding/balancing component
  • Accessible ground features, including an OmniSpin Spinner, a dome climber, and two outdoor musical instruments
  • A large bay of swings with a variety of swing styles, including traditional swings, a baby swing, an accessible bucket swing, and a baby/adult face-to-face swing
  • A panel play structure for our early childhood population focused on developmentally appropriate sensory play
  • Accessible curb cuts to a new sidewalk in Terrace View Park parking lot
  • Paved walkway to playground area with paved areas designed for bench seating

The Park District is working with Hitchcock Design Group on this project and Landworks Limited has been contracted for construction of the project.