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Scout Programs for Girls

Natural science programs or badge activities led by LVNC staff are available! A 1½ hour program will satisfy most, or all, of the requirements for a given badge or achievement.

Scout Group Reservation Information

  • Cub scout programs for Tiger Cubs, Wolf, Bear and Webelos
  • Scout programs for girls for Daisy, Brownie and Junior
  • Group programs are 1.5 hours long
  • Groups must provide a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every ten (10) children
  • Fishing programs are a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every five (5) children
  • Chaperones are free
  • Signed waiver required for each participant

Rates Information

  • $75 for first ten (10) children. $6/additional child
  • $75 fee required at time of reservation
  • Remaining balance including final headcount due two (2) weeks prior to reservation date
  • Cancellations must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to reservation date. Refunds will not be given after
  • Any questions? Contact Laura Saletta at laura@obtpd.org



Recycling - A Green Petal activity

Learn about using resources wisely. Activities may include making a craft project from scraps, making recycled paper, or participating in a "recycling relay."

Nature's Helpers - A Rose Petal activity

Help to make the world a better place. Depending on the season, you may plant some seeds for your garden, make a bird treat, or make a craft that will provide nesting material for birds.

Caring for Creatures - A 3 Cheers for Animals Journey activity

Learn about what animals need to survive by getting up close and personal with LVNC's resident reptiles. Talk about how humans can take care of their pets to make sure they lead healthy and happy lives. Discuss ways to be safe around pets and wildlife.

Thousands of Seeds - A Between Earth and Sky Journey activity

Investigate different seeds. Learn about the different ways seeds are dispersed. Take a hike to look for seeds, shapes, and textures in nature. Plant a seed to take home.

Terrific Trees - A Between Earth and Sky Journey activity

Find out what trees can do for you. Learn about the different parts of a tree through hands-on investigations. Take a hike and identify a few local trees. Do leaf and bark rubbings to take home.


Bugs - Meets requirements of the Bugs badge

Explore the amazing world of bugs through hands-on investigations. Learn about metamorphosis and make a butterfly craft to take home.

Letterboxing Adventure - Meets requirements of the Letterboxer badge

Learn all about the hobby of letterboxing. Make your own letterbox stamp, learn the lingo, solve some clues, and go on your own adventure in our park!

Senses - Meets requirements of the Senses badge

Put your senses to work on a hike around our lake. Make a sound map, look at taste buds, and test your sense of smell through games and activities..

Hiker - Meets requirements of the Hiker badge

Learn about the places near your home to go hiking. Talk about hiking safety and learn about trail signs. Make some trail mix and go for a scavenger hunt.

Pond Investigations - A Wonders of Water Journey activity - (April through October)

Discuss the water cycle and the ways that we can use water wisely. Take a peek in our pond for wildlife and learn where water comes from.


Flowers - Meets requirements of the Flower badge

Investigate the way flowers can help people. Learn about the parts of a flower. Make a dried flower bookmark and learn how to make a fancy flower arrangement.

Geocaching Adventure - Meets requirements of the Geocacher badge

Learn about the exciting hobby of geocaching! Practice using a GPS unit, find coordinates, and go on our adventure to find a cache at the end! Bring your own trinket to trade.

Animal Homes - Meets requirements of the Animal Habitats badge

Learn about animals and the places that they live. Observe some live animals, create an animal home, explore endangered habitats, and learn how you can help protect them.

Camping Fun - Meets requirements of the Camper badge (April through October.)

Get ready for your camping adventure! Learn how to tie some useful knots and make a campfire. Talk about fire and camping safety, as well as "leave no trace" practices. We'll make s'mores, but you can bring hot dogs and chips if you'd like to make it a meal!.

Additional Programs

Fishing (April through October)

Learn to bait a hook, cast, and fish safely in our stocked lake. Must be at least 7 years old.

Animal Tracks

Identify animal signs and tracks. Create a plaster cast of an animal footprint.


Meet LVNC's resident turtles and snakes and learn about reptiles.

The Three Bears

Learn about the three species of bears that live in North America.


Learn about rocks, minerals, rock identification, and the rock cycle.