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School and Community Group Programs

The Lake View Nature Center offers unique and fun opportunities for your students to explore nature. Our staff will help you plan a fun and educational program on the topic of your choice. Curricula will vary depending on age level and State standards. We offer the following programs geared to the seasons.

Group Reservation Information

  • Group programs are 1.5 hours long
  • Groups must provide a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every ten (10) children
  • Fishing programs are a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every five (5) children
  • Chaperones are free

Rate Information

  • $75 for first ten (10) children. $6/additional child
  • $75 fee required at time of reservation
  • Remaining balance including final headcount due two (2) weeks prior to reservation date
  • Cancellations must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to reservation date. Refunds will not be given after
  • Any questions? Contact Laura Saletta at laura@obtpd.org



Meet LVNC's resident turtles and snakes as you learn about reptiles. Find out what makes these cold-blooded animals so fascinating. Go on a scavenger hunt and make a special craft to take home.

Hands-on Herptiles

Investigate the difference between amphibians and reptiles with the help of our resident animals. Get a chance to touch a real reptile.

Creepy Crawlies

Learn about insects, worms, and spiders with some help from the Nature Center's resident walking sticks and tarantulas.

Animal Tracks

Identify some of the signs and tracks that animals leave behind. Go on a scavenger hunt and look for them! Create a plaster cast of an animal footprint to take home.

Rocks and Minerals

Learn how different types of rocks are made. Investigate what rocks are made out of. Try your hand at some experiments that are used to identify different kinds of rocks.

The Three Bears

Learn about the three species of North American bears and learn how they are different go on a scavenger hunt and create a special bear claw necklace to take home.

Fantastic Fall

Explore trees and their leaves. Learn about the different parts of a tree and use some leaves collected on a hike to make a few remarkable crafts.

Winter Wildlife

Learn about migration, hibernation, and the ways animals keep warm in the winter.

Spring Cycles

Learn about what happens in nature in the springtime! Go on a scavenger hunt. Learn about seeds and plant one to grow at home.

Butterflies and Moths

Come and learn about these beautiful insects. We'll go through their life cycle, take a hike, and make a caterpillar to take home.

Fur, Feathers, Scales, & Skin

Explore the different ways in which animal's bodies are protected. Feel different furs and skins, and maybe even get up close and personal with a live animal or two.

Peek at the Pond (April through October)

Explore the nature of ponds. Learn about the types of animals that use this habitat. Take a hike around our pond and investigate its residents.

Fishing (April through October)

Learn to bait a hook, cast, and fish safely in our stocked lake. Identify some common fish species and learn about Illinois fishing laws.

Camping Fun (May through October)

Put up a tent and learn about camping equipment and fire safety. Go on a scavenger hunt and enjoy a s'mores snack at our campfire circle.

Native American Lore

Learn about the Native Americans of Illinois. Discover how they used the land and resources. Try some games that children used to play and make one to take home.